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About The No Credit Check Program

We value upfront talk. We don’t want to waste your time if the No Credit Check program isn’t a good fit for your situation.

Here are some of the things you should know about the program.


What we call it: Easy Qualifier Program

Who is eligible:  To get into our program, you (or your driver) would need a CDL for 2 yrs, No DUI, and no careless or reckless driving in the last 5 yrs. You must be at least 23 years old and not in active bankruptcy.

What are the terms: Our program is a rental with the option to purchase. The agreement is 5 yrs rental with the option to buy the truck anytime after 12 months with no penalties for buying early.

What if your truck breaks down: Your truck will leave here with a nationwide warranty.  However, we encourage every customer to set aside funding for maintenance and repairs so that the impact on your business and family is minimal if you experience repairs.

Down payment: Our down payments are shown on our inventory, and they INCLUDE your taxes, closing fees, IRS 2290 fee, and an IRP tag. The terms down payment, deposit, and out-the-door cost all refer to the same number.

If you send in your down payment money through a bank wire and decide not to go through the process, your down payment money is FULLY refundable. We would wire it back to you if you wired it in. If you bring cash, we would cut you a check.

Fees: There is a Processing Fee of $300. It is a non-refundable fee and pays the cost of our team to process your application. The down payment you send for a truck is fully refundable if you decide not to get the truck.

Payments: Here’s an estimate based on the truck year of what amount you’ll need to get rolling and how much your payments are approximately
2015— $8,200 deposit; weekly payment is $ 981.40
2016 — $8,800 deposit; weekly payment is $ 1053.50
2017—$9,900 deposit; weekly payment is $ 1094.70
2018—$10,700 deposit; weekly Payment is $ 1177.10
2019– — $11,500 deposit; weekly Payment is $ 1249.20

If you have any other questions, please email [email protected] or call us Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm CST.

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